ICJW Projects to Support

Supporting ICJW Representation at the UN

Mad CSW speakingICJW represents the interests of the Jewish community and the concerns of women at the United Nations in New York, Paris, Geneva and Vienna. You can find out more about ICJW’s role at these organizations here. We are looking for funding to underwrite the costs of our activities at the UN, including delegate expenses.

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Supporting ICJW Local Affiliate Projects

Many of ICJW’s 42 affiliates around the world are in small Jewish communities which lack major funding. The work of our affiliates’ volunteers and activists is often crucial to the welfare of Jewish people in cities where religion was banned and elderly people have suffered from oppression and poverty.

For example, in Eastern Europe our affiliates run:

  • Memory and welfare projects for elderly Holocaust survivorsgeorgian women
  • Jewish education courses for Jews who grew up under Communism
  • Leadership training seminars for the next generation of Jewish leaders
  • Interfaith and intercultural projects with other minority groups

These important grass-roots projects receive funding through ICJW.

To support these projects, click here and specify “Supporting ICJW Local Affiliate Projects”. You can choose to support specific projects that reflect your interests and we can offer you guidance.

Supporting Women’s Leadership

flagsICJW runs international conferences, meetings and seminars for the leaders of our affiliates. Wherever these are hosted, small affiliates often find it difficult to cover the travel and hotel costs of their delegates. ICJW runs various funds to subsidize attendance at its events, including the Herczeg Jewish Educational Seminar in Israel.

The ICJW Isabella Brown Fund provides funding for leadership and volunteer training programs organized by its affiliates in new and developing Jewish communities.

To support these projects, click here and specify “Supporting Women’s Leadership”. You can choose to support specific projects in particular countries.

Support the Jewish Women Lawyers Corps

JWLCICJW has created an international Jewish Women Lawyers Corps to provide free legal advisory services to Jewish women around the world who are experiencing legal difficulties. In appropriate cases, these volunteers will litigate cases involving infringement of women’s rights, in addition to lobbying and drafting legislation where necessary.

Sharon Shenhav, J.D. has launched this project in response to the election in several countries of politicians whose agenda is to dismantle hard-fought legislation which protected the rights of women in the areas of health, equality in employment, marriage, divorce, custody of children, control over reproduction, domestic violence, immigration, guardianship and others.

Since its launch, ICJW has already received a positive response from women in many of its affiliate organizations, who are interested in establishing a legal corps in their countries. Many Jewish women lawyers and judges around the world have expressed support for the JWLC, and the National Council of Jewish Women has offered space in their New York offices to JWLC volunteer lawyers.  In Israel, a group of six women lawyers in Petach Tikvah is providing free legal advisory services, and they hope to extend this service to Haredi women in Bnei Brak and Har Nof.

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For more information about how you can support these ICJW projects, please email Anne Oppenheimer at: info@friendsoficjw.com